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Interested in offering a qualified reimbursement plan but unsure of claims cost?

Not with Grenz Benefit Solutions & Administrators as your partner.  

Our proprietary "Tru Claims Cost" actuarial modeling provides costs you can bank on.  

We even guarantee it!

A Medical Expense Reimbursement Plan (MERP) or HRA paired with a lower-priced, more efficient HMO or PPO plan could save your company tens and even hundreds of thousands of dollars each year while allowing you to maintain or increase the benefits enjoyed by your employees.  However, with these potential savings, your company has financial risks.  To make an informed decision, you need experienced guidance; from Grenz Benefit Solutions & Administrators.  We have been administering employee reimbursement plans for over 15 years and are the only administrators who guarantee your claims costs.  Over the years, we have processed, tracked, and analyzed tens of thousands of shares, providing us with the unique data to develop our proprietary Tru Claims Cost (TCC) modeling tool​.  

So, what does this all mean for our clients and insurance broker partners?

Confidence in taking an essential step in long-term benefit strategies that control healthcare costs and maximize benefits that employees truly value.  

We are so confident in our Tru Claims Cost modeling that we guarantee that your Reimbursement claims will not exceed our per member per month costs up to our administration fees.  

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