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Innovators - Knowledgeable -Flexible

What we are not - your typical third party administrator.  Sure we administer FSA & dependent care accounts, manage COBRA stem to stern, even provide combined billing services, so does virtually every other TPA out there.  


What the rest are not.... benefit strategists - risk managers - benefit innovators.  


Simply put we provide innovating solutions that you have not seen before.  For over 20 years not only has Grenz Benefit Solutions studied healthcare cost trends, claims statistics and demographics we have paid 10's of thousands of claims and have compiled mountains of data that allows us to leverage (or transfer) each organizations risk to minimize cost, while maximizing plan benefits.  We have a crystal clear understanding of employee benefits, how to leverage carrier plans with our unique approach that allows employers and our broker partners to offer the most comprehensive benefits at the lowest possible cost year after year. To find out if our solutions works for your company contact us today for our no cost, no obligation analysis of your current plan offerings.